Welcome to Qodec

The Qodec Transcoder is the easiest way to develop and deploy VoIP applications.

How To

  1. Review the features of Qodec.
  2. Get a quote. Please use your corporate mail account. Web mail accounts (Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, etc) will be ignored
  3. .
  4. Download & evaluate the codec for 21 days using a fully functional but time limited demo.
  5. Purchase a Developer Pack for each engineer developing or testing the product.
    • The Developer Bundle G.729 channels are bound to one computer.
  6. License blocks of channels of G.729 channels.
    • Each purchase adds channels to a Pool. Larger purchases are more cost efficient.
  7. Deploy applications containing the codec and allocate channels from the Pool using a web service.

It is all designed to be easily embeddable in applications and to require no human in the loop during the allocation and binding of the channels.

It is was released in March 2008.