Generation 8.0 of CallReplay

RAI Software SRL released CallReplay 8.0, with new supported hardware and lots of new features that you requested. CallReplay excels again in being the perfect call recorder for Cisco CallManager, Mitel and IPTrade PBXs.

  • NEW: Database and file storage optimization – drastically reduced the number of IOPS
  • NEW: File Integrity – validates recordings hashes for playback, replication, restore after backup
  • NEW: High Availability recording
  • NEW: Custom Renaming of File Recordings using a powerful template system.
  • NEW: Multi-HQ replication: sends the recording to multiple master servers.
  • NEW: Backup + Restore locally or remotely on Windows shares; Backup History and list of backups for each call
  • NEW: Active recording, monitoring and playback for IPTrade Turrets
  • NEW: Active recording of Mitel phones (encrypted or not)
  • NEW: Record, monitor and playback Cisco encrypted calls (SRTP) using Forked Recording and JTAPI signalling